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Saeco Aulika EVO TOP HSC Ri Festwasser Kaffeevollautomat Gewerbegerät
10005373 + 83A007800

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Saeco Aulika EVO Top with mains water connection

Product highlights

    Including mains water connection
    Professional approval for commercial operation
    Comfortable graphic display with 7 one-touch keys selection
    One Touch function, Latte Macchiato, Cappuccino, Coffee with milk, Perfect Americano at the touch of a button
    2 stainless steel instantaneous water heaters and 2 15-bar vibration pumps
    Designed for a daily capacity of 80 cups per day
    bean container (1.000g), coffee grounds container approx. 40 portions

Saeco Aulika EVO Top with mains water connection

The Saeco Aulika EVO Top HSC is a perfect combination of modern and sophisticated design as well as durable and reliable technology. The professional technical components of the Aulika series, which have proven their worth thousands of times, are complemented by a new capacitive control panel with backlight and integrated symbols. This allows you to quickly and elegantly access its large selection of directly selectable coffee specialities. In addition, the Saeco Aulika EVO Top is equipped with cup lighting in blue and white LEDs. This gives the Aulika EVO Top a touch of sophistication and elegance.

The two instant water heaters for fast preparation of coffee, hot water and steam as well as the large container for coffee beans and water make the Saeco Aulika Top HSC ideal for locations with high daily consumption. The automatic descaling and cleaning programs make cleaning and care easy.

    Including 3/4 inch mains water connection, on-site installation and instruction
    Professional approval for operation and trade
    Designed for a daily capacity of 80 cups per day
    2 stainless steel instantaneous water heaters and 2 15-bar vibration pumps
    Backlit, capacitive 4-color display
    Photorealistic beverage symbols
    Output unit LED illuminated (blue and white)
    One Touch Cappuccino / Latte Macchiato Function
    Cleaning accessories included in scope of delivery

Design & Style

    Metal basic housing, front, upper chassis made of ABS plastic
    Color Black/Blue
    Graphic display with 7 one-touch selection keys

Simple & Comfortable

    One Touch function (all coffee and milk specialities at the touch of a button)
    High speed function, with Cappuccino and Latte Macchiatto the preparation time is reduced
    Simultaneous preparation of two cups of coffee and espresso
    Height-adjustable coffee dispenser max. 140mm with single brew
    Height-adjustable coffee dispenser 85mm - 105mm for double dispensing
    Removable brewing group up to max. 9 gr
    Automatic descaling and cleaning programs
    Cappuccinatore integrated at the coffee spout

Coffee & Milk

    Number of product selection keys 7
    7-stage steel cone grinder
    Adjustable coffee powder quantity per cup (Opti can) approx. 6-9 g
    Adjustable coffee temperature programmable and storable
    Adjustable cup filling quantity programmable and storable
    Pre-brewing function Saeco Aroma System
    Fast steam function
    Hot water/steam nozzle
    Integrated Cappuccinatore with One Touch function for dispensing milk specialities


    Coffee bean container 1 kg
    3/4 in. fixed water connection
    Capacity of set container 40 portions
    Cup capacity 80 cups/day
    Max. dispensing quantity coffee single brew approx. 275 ml
    Max. output quantity hot water approx. 370 ml

Technical data

    Mains voltage 230 V/50 Hz
    Power 1300 W
    DB value coffee/ milk below 70 dB / below 90 dB
    Number of boilers 2 / Material stainless steel / 230V / 50Hz / 1300W
    Thermal protection yes, per boiler 2 thermal protection 190°C / One Shot
    2 vibration pumps (coffee path 48W/ 15bar; HW / steam 22W / 15bar)
    Dimensions (WxDxH) 33,4x45,2x57,4 cm
    Weight 23 kg

Included in delivery:

    1x milk cleaner
    1x Water filter Bestcup L Sapphire
    1x 10 coffee fat dissolving tablets
    1x brewing groups silicone grease 5gr.
    1x cleaning brush for the brewing group
    1x test strip for water hardness